AboutMe™ Metabolics

AboutMe™ Metabolics - An Easy-To-Use, Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Platform regardless of type of wearable
AboutMe™ Metabolics is a Pre-Diabetes platform that uses just data from wearables and artificial intelligence to determine an individual’s vital parameters and blood glucose level.
AboutMe™ Metabolics continuously monitors and detects risks for Glucose Intolerance (Pre-Diabetes) and development of Metabolic Syndrome - Diabetes Mellitus Type II, High Blood Pressure and Obesity – all of which are highly preventable.
Key Benefits:
    • Enables Preventative healthcare based on vitals collected from any wearables (agnostic of devices)
    • Creates awareness and better educates at-risk time poor population about lifestyle choices
    • On-going monitoring with alerts and recommendations to encourage lifestyle and behavioural modifications
    • Improving health outcomes dramatically for individuals at-risk of diabetes and obesity
    • Reduces development of micro and macro complications resulting from poorly controlled diabetes and hypertension
    • Reduces overall burden of disease due to undetected, chronic disease such as Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and related co-morbidities.
    • Reduces hospitalisation and down-time due to chronic illness